Patient Treatment Plan Coordinator

Stefanie is our Patient Coordinator. She has over 20 years dental experience and enjoys helping patients achieve a beautiful smile by exploring all their treatment plan as well as financial options. Stefanie is happily married with four beautiful children. When not in the office, she enjoys studying the bible and making memories with her family.


Dental Assistant

Kimberly graduated as a Dental Assistant in 2015. She enjoys and focuses on educating our patients and our doctors. She is very compassionate with our patients, and always aims to think and speak a language our patients will understand when it comes to guiding them towards the importance of a healthy mouth. Kimberly is originally from Colombia, and fluent in both Spanish and English and is most proud of being at home to her beautiful Nico.


Director of First Impressions

Mara was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she attended the University of Puerto Rico and she obtained a bachelor’s degree in secretarial science and is the first contact with our patients. She is our Director of First Impressions and Mara is very compassionate and eager to assist everyone. Mara is happily married and has a daughter in college. In her free time, Mara enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with her friends and family


Registered Dental Hygienist

Mariana has been working as a Dental Hygienist for seven years. She graduated from Sanford Brown Institute’s dental hygiene program in 2012 and is certified in local dental anesthesia. Mariana truly enjoys working with our patients and is quick to make her patients feel comfortable and at ease by building confidence and trust. At Beaufils Dental, we care about our patients’ overall health and Mariana is personally passionate about educating and helping her patients achieve good oral health based on each patient’s individual needs. In her free time, Mariana enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family and friends.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Anthony is originally from the Dominican Republic, where he graduated from dental school. He then moved to Connecticut and earned his degree from FONES school of dental hygiene, University of Bridgeport. Anthony always strives to give our patients the best care possible. He does a fantastic job of making patients feel comfortable, and he enjoys educating and making a difference in our patient’s oral and overall health. In his spare time Anthony enjoys going to the beach, working out at the gym, and spending time with his family.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Massiel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She pursued her studies in the United States and received the Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene from Rutgers School of Health Professions in New Jersey. Her genuine passion for dental hygiene is evident through her professionalism, dedication and gentle touch. On her free time, she enjoy working out. Massiel loves to travel and visit new places around the world.